Antwan Jamal Fisher, N24002, Hamilton Correctional Institution Annex, 10650 SW 46th St., Jasper, FL 32052

Antwan writes, “I am 27 years old, from Tallahassee, FL. I was ordained into ministry and licensed in 2008.  I graduated from Edward Waters College wtih a BA in Religion and Philosophy  in 2010.  I ma the founder and served as the senior pastor of Fresh Anointging INternationla Ministries.  I write and sing Gos[el/Christian music and simply put i love the Lord.  Our ministry has numereous vidoes on YouTube.  I pray that your life is blessd in some sort of way for us just crossing paths and likewise for me meeting you”

Prayer requests:  I’m requesting  prayer for my children Aryana, Harmony, and Lyric, also my son A.J.  I would also liek prayer for a productive future in ministry both while here and upon my release the latter part of next year.  It is my prayer tha tmy life simply be used for God’s glory to be revealed to all the world.  Pray as well for all my brothers in chains with me.