Robert Joshua Wilson, H04045, Mayo Correctional Institution Annex, 8784 W. U.S. 27, Mayo, FL 32066

RobeID Photort writes, “For in the beginning when I was just a pup,

Why was it so easy for them all to just give me up?

Did they not think I could change or do anything right?

Now they cannot hide me because I shine like a light!

Here’s a couple memories I’ll share, too

And you can see there’s not difference between me and some of you.

When I was young I did have plenty

It didn’t take long though before I didn’t have any.

I had some bad habits,

You may call me an addict.

See, no time for my girl, as drugs became my wife.

I couldn’t stop using, couldn’t quit to save my young life.

I did them all night, I did them all day,

I did them for work, I did them for play.

I was almost dead, almost a permanent in the devil’s lair,

But I have to thank God for hearing all those prayer.

So I know life can feel hard and make us feel sleezy,

But through Christ our weakness becomes easy!
Memories come, memories fade

and on that cross, my penalties were paid.

Now that I’m found, now that I’m saved,

I’m spreading the Good News like a tidal wave.

You don’t have to listen, you don’t have to hear

But I’m here to tell you

Christ’s power is still near.

God bless…


Prayer requests:  For lost family and friends.  Safety and more doing God’s will.  Release from prison.