Kameron Spratt, P43935, TTH of Dinsmore, 13200 Old Kings Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32219

Kameron wKameron Sprasttrites, “I grew up on a small barrier island in the Florida panhandle.  I enjoy surfing, fishing, and many other activities outdoors.  I have never lost sight of my love for life, and I hope to never again lose sight of God.  I am very thankful to anyone who cares enough to take the time to lift my spirits, and motivate me on my journey to find God.  Shawn Stuller and I grew up together in the same hometown.  Fortunately for me, he and I ended up in the same dorm together in prison.  Shawn has been a great friend and brother in Christ.  God Bless.”

Prayer requests:  I pray daily for the strength to stay positive and for God to strengthen my faith.  I would like for God to reveal His will for my life and to help me become a better person day by day, to live in a more Christ-like way.