“The Invisible Postman” by Anonymous Inmate

The strangest thing happened today.

An invisible postman, as you know is quite rare,

He handed me an envelope that just wasn’t there.

I opened the envelope so very wide,

I found less than nothing deep down inside.

The writing was neat and so very clean,

‘Twas so crystal clear that it couldn’t be seen.

I hope very soon that you’ll be thinking twice,

And pay close attention to this list of advice.

I may be in jail, but only for now.

Just know things will change some way and somehow.

I could be out there where things are much better,

With you sitting here expecting a letter.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still show you love.

That will never change ‘cuz it comes from above.

So I’m writing you back with love you can bet,

Saying thanks for the letter I never did get.